Cambridge Zen Center is one the largest residential Zen communities outside Asia and our residents practice together every day of the year. We cook and eat healthy vegetarian food. We maintain the beautiful Zen center facility. We offer a warm welcome to visitors and guests.

Many residents work in the Boston area and maintain engaged relationships with the larger community.

Zen Master Seung Sahn said that the practice of living in a Zen center is much like washing potatoes. In Korean Zen temples, potatoes get washed by putting them in a large pot filled with water. The water is stirred with a stick and the potatoes rub against each other, thus getting cleaned all together.

In a residential Zen center, we get "cleaned" of our hindrances and mind-habits through daily meditation practice, and through living and working together. Through this intensive practice, we inevitably become more compassionate and mindful of ourselves and others.

There are two categories of residency: short-term (up to 3 months) and long-term (over 3 months). For long-term residency, there are requirements which you need to fulfill. If you remain interested, you can submit an application for long-term residency online. You are also welcome to write to our Abbot.