The Social Justice and Diversity Initiative at Cambridge Zen Center has been created as a working group open to all community members to reflect on and act towards the goal of creating a welcoming space for every person who walks through our temple doors regardless of age, gender, race, ability, nationality, sexuality, socioeconomic status, or criminal record.

Our Mission Statement further details our aspirations as a group, while our Communication Agreements serve as a guideline for how we wish to discuss sensitive topics with an open-mind and heart.

To further our goal for inclusion and diversity within our sangha, we are offering two separate meditation groups - BIPOC and Unpacking Whiteness, respectively - that allow members to share their experiences in the context of spiritual practice.


Every morning at Cambridge Zen Center we recite the four Bodhisattva vows:

1. Sentient beings are numberless. We vow to save them all.

2. Delusions are endless. We vow to cut through them all.

3. The teachings are infinite. We vow to learn them all.

4. The Buddha Way is inconceivable. We vow to attain it.

The inquiry and subsequent action inherent in these vows asks us to go beyond our limited understanding of self and towards a more inclusive and compassionate way of being….


We would like to invite those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color) and/or of mixed race heritage to come sit and share together on the first Wednesday evenings of the month. The program will include Zen meditation together with the larger community (BIPOC and allies) followed by an hour long BIPOC-only dharma sharing circle.

Within this practice group, BIPOC can temporarily put down the experience of marginalization and nurture relationships and trust in a space held through shared experience and common understanding. It will be an opportunity for BIPOC-identifying sangha members to strengthen connections to oneself as well as to one another, and to nourish a…


If, as a member of our community, you are interested in examining racial power and privilege as an important first step towards social healing and community building, please join us on the first Wednesdays of the month for our study and reflection group. In this space, we will seek to understand the impact of racial oppression and marginalization more deeply.  

Although none of us want to believe that we harbor racist views, our perspectives are inevitably shaped by a society and culture borne of a history of racial oppression. Unconscious biases that emerge within this social and historical context inform the way we perceive and interact as a community…