The Board of Directors oversees the business of the Zen Center and its broader direction and vision – everything that is outside the teaching function of the Guiding Teachers and daily operations handled by the staff.  There is a two- or three-year term of service.  The Board meets at least four times a year, usually for a two-hour meeting on a weeknight (currently on Mondays). There may be additional meetings as needed. 

The Board consists of our Guiding teacher, Abbot and a balance of people from Extended Sangha and Residents. There are times when Board members are asked to do work outside of the meetings.

The nominating committee comprised of Zen Master Bon Yeon (Jane Dobisz), Mark O’Leary and Woody Wood are currently soliciting nominations for two positions on the Board of Directors.

Please send an email to Jane Dobisz at if you are interested in serving our community in this capacity

The Nomination Deadline is January 12, 2018.